Slättö accelerates in existing residentials with a focus on sustainable value-add investments through the SEK 1.7bn acquisition of Klippudden Fastigheter

Slättö Core Plus AB (”Slättö”) and Holmström Fastigheter Holding AB (publ) (”Holmström Fastigheter”) establishes a joint venture for the ownership of Klippudden Fastigheter AB (”Klippudden”).

After the transaction, the joint venture will be owned, direct or indirect, by Slättö (50%), Holmström Fastigheter (47,5%), and the company’s CEO Gustav Carp (2,5%). The value of Klippudden’s total property portfolio amounts to ca SEK 1.7bn. The collaboration is established in February 2022.

The parties have agreed on an ambition relating to Klippuddens’ sustainability work, in which already established efforts on social sustainability will continue. Further, the company will develop an activity plan for reduction of energy consumption through efficiency investments across the portfolio. Slättö’s assessment is that, after implementation of energy efficiency measures, at least 40% of Klippudden’s existing properties will meet the criteria in EU’s green taxonomy, which by definition is only met by 15% of Sweden’s aggregate residential stock.

In addition to investing in the existing properties, the parties also intend to grow Klippudden’s portfolio to a total value of ca SEK 10bn within five years. Slättö will provide the main part of funding, both for the acquisition of Klippudden and for the expansion.

– We are impressed by how Holmströmsgruppen’s team has built Klippudden during the last years. With Klippudden as a stable platform, we will be able to scale our initiative on older residentials with focus on active management and value-adding investments, in particular green investments aiming on lowering climate impact, says Christian Bratt, Head of Residential and Jonas Andersson, Deputy CEO at Slättö.

– During 2021, Slättö signed residential transactions corresponding to a total value exceeding SEK 7.5bn. The main part of these deals comprised development projects planned for completion in 2022 and 2023. To accelerate within existing residentials together with an experienced partner clearly supports our considerable growth targets, comments Johan Karlsson, CEO at Slättö.

– We already have a long and successful collaboration with Slättö. We look forward to continuing this collaboration through Klippudden where we can build great values over time, says Fredrik Holmström, Chairman Holmström Fastigheter.

- After six very expansive and rewarding years, it now feels very good to take the next step in Klippudden’s journey together with Slättö, concludes Gustav Carp, CEO at Klippudden.

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